Forked cable lug

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Forked cable lugs are versatile. They find use, e.g. in the automotive sector, in general electronics or in the hobby sector. The forked cable lugs are particularly suitable in connection with certain screw terminals. For case grounding, the ring cable lugs are more likely to be used.

Forked cable lugs are available for different bolt or screw diameters and for different cable cross-sections. They are available in uninsulated and insulated versions. The color of the insulation indicates the coding of the conductor cross-section.

Assembled cables and lines with forked cable lugs in our cable configurator!

Possible diameters: M3, M4, M5, M6

Color code:

Cross-sectionInsulation color
0,25 - 1,50 mm²red
1,50 - 2,50 mm²blue
4,00 - 6,00 mm²yellow